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Howdy, I'm Dinah (Di is cool too) and I'm a non-binary designer & storyteller.
I'll answer to any pronouns, but prefer they/them!
I'm a LA transplant from PA, and I graduated from RCAD with a B.F.A. in Computer Animation.

Creating lively characters, worlds, and stories is what I do best. I'm a jack of many trades and have the soul of a medieval fool, so for me, life is meant to be lived vibrantly, boldly, and whole-heartedly without shame! I like to think that attitude bleeds into my choices with color, shape, and mood when I design, and is also why I love experimenting with styles, subjects, and mediums whenever I can. Yes, I love fantasy, but I'm a versatile artist who loves pulling from reality to make magic.

When I'm not working you can catch me playing tabletop RPGs, crafting, rock-climbing, and if I'm feeling zesty: brainstorming kitten names.

Currently a Character Designer at Green Street Pictures
Previously both full-time and freelance WBA, 6 Point Harness
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